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Facilities Management departments rely heavily upon information for decision-making and Facilities Managers require a baffling array of technology to support their wide-ranging operations and responsibilities. CAFM systems exist to support both narrow functional activities and strategic management information needs. I am an independent CAFM consultant with a unique combination of FM and IT skills. I can help you improve your use of data and information systems generally - in particular helpdesk, PPM and asset management systems.
Experience suggests that choosing and implementing such CAFM systems will be more successful if an experienced external CAFM consultant is engaged to manage the process and maintain a clear focus on delivering the benefit and return on investment expected.
Facilities Managers also often need additional resources for project management, asset surveys, technical documentation and more.
I can provide that extra resource and I have both the Facilities Management experience and IT skill to help make any such project a success. I have spent many years implementing Facilities Management systems and technology in almost every area of Public and Private sector industry and commerce in UK. I am a member of the BiFM and have a Post-Graduate Diploma in FM from Reading University.

Contact me to find out more about the services I can provide and discuss your requirements.

 tel: 07980 555090 email: info@cafm-consultant.co.uk